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All PADDOCK POWER products contain BIOTIN @ 150mg per kg This equates to 22.5mg per day on an average daily rate of 150g.

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Paddock Power feedback

  • paddock power

    I have been using Paddock Power for a few years now.  The horses enjoy it, they look good in their coats and Paddock Power helps to supplement their diet and maintain their condition and topline.

    David Pipe

  • paddock power

    We use Paddock Power in all our fields for all our broodmares, youngstock and stallions. I absolutely love this product and so do the horses! I first enquired about Paddock Power as I have horses grazing out together and feeding indivualy is not practical, I did however feel they needed more than just grass. 

    I began feeding Paddock Power about two years ago and haven't looked back, the horses look amazing, with shiny coats and are well covered. It really is a great product and does 'exactly what it say on the tin'. Highly recommended. 

    Catrin Plews, 'The Camlough Collection'

  • paddock power

    The difference in my ponies since they wintered on Paddock Power is extremely noticeable. I find when they come into work it’s almost as though they have already done two weeks of pre-training. Their top line and major muscle groups are very good. In the main season we are using Paddock Power Pro, the in feed supplement. It’s proving to give the horses more stamina, a quicker recovery rate and with the added Biotin their feet are withstanding the rigours of polo much better than before.

    Great new Product

    Tom Morley

  • paddock power

    I love it.  What can I say, I am all in! 

    One of the key areas for me is that it’s a very versatile product that fits into any management style.   Paddock Power can be used across so many different horses.  We have thrown it at skinny horses, horses in work, horses turned away, horses on box rest that don’t want too much grain, crook horses (sick horses for non-antipodean speakers out there!) ...  with amazing results.  It’s such a well-rounded product that fits into all scenarios and horses types. 

    Interestingly it has worked brilliantly on those horses that have feeding problems that you just haven’t found the solution to - this has filled that gap! For me this would be the key element  I have taken from the product. 

    Paddock Power is so easy to use and people can be confident they are not going to get it wrong!

    Ross Ainsley
    Ainsley Polo

Paddock Power feedback gallery

  • Picture of Mimi, 26 year old retired TB mare with Cushing's disease, who was on Paddock Power from December 2016, looking absolutely amazing on first sunny day taking the rugs off on 5th April, still got some tummy hair but shining like a conker with amazing top line and condition for such an old horse.


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